aespa drew attention with various charms at the “Circle Chart Music Awards 2022” 

Fans expressed disappointment with Winter’s (aespa) new image at the awards. 

The “Circle Chart Music Awards 2022” was recently held on February 18th, at KSPO DOME in Seoul. aespa attended at the event and was swamped by cameras. 


Each member drew attention with their unique charms. Ningning wore light makeup to create a pure image. Her outfit included a cropped jacket and low-rise skirt.


Karina showed up with a matching tie and vest, and was praised for a seamless makeup that fitted her skin tone. Giselle also received attention for her cherry-like lips and flawless complexion.


In contrast, Winter appeared with chic and colorful makeup that separated herself from the members who made use of their natural charms. 

With rich and colorful eyelashes as well as dark brown eyeshadow, Winter completed the look with her hair brushed aside, giving off a new image.


However, fans expressed their interest because the new look did not appear to “make good use” of Winter’s inherently lovely and cute charm, a strength of the idol. 

They said, “I want Winter to change [the makeup place],” “I think Winter looked prettier with her bangs,” and “I don’t think her skin tone and makeup match.”

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