Controversy Surrounds Female Lead in Latest Hit Korean Drama – “Red Balloon” as She Plays the Role of a Betraying Friend

It’s been a while since a female lead in a Korean drama has been hated and criticized so much.

As the story of ‘Red Balloon’ approaches its end, the female lead is increasingly criticized and hated by the audience. Usually, the female lead in a Korean drama is a character that the audience sends their love and hope to, but this girl is different. Eun Kang from Red Balloon is criticized for shamelessly being the “side-chick” in her best friend’s marriage, and yet she still receives the spotlight as the female lead.

Red Balloon
Red Balloon

In Red Balloon, Eun Kang is the main character whose life is portrayed with quite a bit of ups and downs. She failed the certification exam and had to give up her dream of becoming a teacher. On top of that, she also financially supported her younger unemployed boyfriend, only to be betrayed later. Later on, Eun Kang went to support Ba Da, her close friend, in her job and help her out. Unexpectedly, from just helping out, Eun Kang was promoted to “take care” of Ba Da’s husband, Cha Won.

Red Balloon Seo Ji Hye

In episode 15 of “Red Balloon”, Ba Da finally found out that Eun Kang and Cha Won were secretly dating. Ba Da called the two to a cafe and exposed their affair in public. Despite being embarrassed in front of many people, Eun Kang continued to date Cha Won. She even went to Ba Da and Cha Won’s house to take care of their child.

Red Balloon

In episode 16, Eun Kang suddenly met Ba Da’s mother. Ba Da’s mother grabbed Eun Kang by her hair and forced her to kneel down to apologize for her fault. Eun Kang cried and asked for forgiveness, but Ba Da’s mother became angrier. In fact, it is rare to see a K-drama female lead that receives so much hate and gets punished for ruining the happiness of a family. However, Seo Ji Hye’s impressive acting performance gained favorable reviews.

Red Balloon

“Red Balloon” broke its own highest viewer rating record with the latest two episodes. There are only 4 episodes left until the drama ends. Viewers are looking forward to seeing the ending of Eun Kang and all the characters.

Source: K14

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