30-year-old singer IU, who owns a huge asset of billions of won, revealed that she still received pocket money from relatives on Chuseok holiday

IU will be the first Korean female singer to hold a solo concert at the Olympic Main Stadium.

Even during the Chuseok holiday in Korea, IU was preparing hard for her upcoming solo concert “2022 IU CONCERT <The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun>”. IU recently expressed her worries ahead of her solo concert, which will be held on the 17th and 18th of September.

On September 11th, IU wrote on her fancafe, saying “The past few months that I spent on preparing for the concert went by so fast that made me feel like having motion sickness. But since it’s only a week left (until the concert), time suddenly slows down enough to make me feel so bored”, adding “I’m fighting with many thoughts in my mind every day, every minute, every second”. The singer confessed that she even had nightmares because she was too worried about the concert.


IU told fans some of her dreams, such as going on the stage with the audience in only 10 lines of seats, having a fight with the engineering staff on the day of the concert, and an explosion of a birthday cake of the size of a firework, then confessed that she couldn’t even eat well because she was too worried and nervous.

However, IU then reassured fans that she had been eating more rice and exercising regularly lately in order to meet fans in a good condition. In fact, IU couldn’t even rest properly during the holiday. She said she gathered with all the staff on the 9th for the rehearsal and emphasized that she was doing her best so that she would not disappoint 85,000 fans.

Of course, IU also spent time with her family in Chuseok. The female singer revealed that she visited her parents’ house, ate delicious food with her family members, and made lots of happy memories. 

IU debuted in 2008 and has been living as a top star for more than 10 years with an asset of about tens of billions of won. However, she drew attention by boasting that she still received pocket money from adults in her family. 


Fans were very surprised at this fact because IU recently purchased an Eterno Cheongdam apartment in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul worth 13 billion won in cash. Perhaps IU’s parents and relatives gave her some little amounts of pocket money to encourage her.

Meanwhile, IU, who will return as a singer after a while, is expected to continue her acting activities after finishing the solo concert.


Last month, an official from IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment said that she received a casting offer to appear in a drama by screenwriter Im Sang-chun and was still reviewing the work.

Fans are paying keen attention to whether IU will make a drama comeback through the new work by writer Im Sang-chun, who wrote KBSs’s “Baek-hee Has Returned”, “Fight For My Way” and “When the Camellia Blooms”. 

Source: Insight

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