TOP 5 female faces that are loved the most recently by women

Netizens’ response exploded over the list of female celebrities who are especially loved by young women these days.  

On Jan 10th, an article was posted on the online community theqoo titled “A list of female faces that are preferred by young women these days according to a male-dominating online community.”

The post contained photos of celebrities who have recently received great support from women.

Blackpink Jennie

The author added, “I think it’s right,” attaching several photos of BLACKPINK Jennie, actor Han So-hee, aespa Karina, dancer Noze, and YouTuber FreeZia.

What they have in common is that they are commonly referred to as the cat face type. All five of them are said to have eyes that tend to go up at the end and a very coy personality. They also fit a colorful image better than a simple and innocent look.

han so-hee
Han So-hee
aespa Karina

theqoo users who saw the list responded, “How come the five people I love the most these days are all here,” “They are indeed the hottest people among women these days,” “Everyone’s sharp-looking but cute in personality,” “They’re the best because they’re good at their jobs,” and “It’s true, they’re celebrities I like more than men.”

In fact, the post is drawing keen attention with more than 80,000 views and more than 900 comments in an instant.

free zia
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