Former “SM Rookies” Lami to make her official debut as an actress through drama “Oh! Young Shim”

Lami (real name Kim Sung Kyung, 20), who was well-known as a member of “SM Rookies”, will make her official debut as an actress.

According to YTN Star today (Dec 22nd), Lami will appear in the drama “Oh! Young Shim”, which is scheduled to be released next year. “Oh! Young Shim” is the drama version of “Young Shim”. It deals with the story of Young Shim in her 30s. Super Junior Donghae and others will appear.

dong hae

Lami‘s full-fledged career as an actress will begin through “Oh! Young Shim”. As she worked as a child actress through “Perfect Spy”, “Me Too, Flower” and “Five Fingers”, expectations are high on what she will show in her debut film as an adult actress.

lami sm ent

Lami is more familiar with the public as a former SM Rookies member. She was first known to the world as a member of SM Entertainment’s pre-debut team SM Rookies in 2013. She was predicted to be the “next girl group center” with her cute visuals, but she decided to make her official debut as an actress. Her stage name is Lami as it is.

Source: Daum

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