Son Seok Koo, Gong Yoo, BLACKPINK’s Rosé, and more are TOP 8 “guilty” stars who steal our hearts 

Son Seok Koo surpassed other charming celebrities to top the ranking of “Guilty Stars”. 

In the 21st episode of Mnet’s entertainment show ‘TMI NEWS SHOW‘, which was broadcast on July 13th, the ranking of ‘Top 8 Guilty Stars Who Make Fans’ Hearts Flutter’ was released.

Actor Son Seok Koo was crowned 1st place. He first made his face known through the dramas “Be Melodramatic” and “D.P.” Earlier this year, he played Mr. Gu in “My Liberation Notes” and charmed viewers with his performance. After that, he continued to achieve great success thanks to the movie “The Roundup”, which drew 10 million admissions at the box office. 

Unlike his strong image, Son Seok Koo is loved by fans for his sweet character and fan service that resemble K-pop idols. He is nicknamed “Fox among Foxes” because of his natural aegyo. 

Son Seok Koo also has a wild back and shoulders. His basic fashion sense that gives off boyfriend vibes also captures women’s hearts. On top of that, he is fluent in English, has high-level art skills, and is good at basketball. His charms are truly endless. 

In 2nd place was BLACKPINK’s Rosé. The first point that makes many people fall for Rosé is her surreal physique.

Actor Gong Yoo took 3rd place. Gong Yoo has long been famous for his superior physique among actors. He boasts an unbelievably fit body in his 40s with a wide shoulder that can’t be defeated even by actor Ma Dong Seok. A huge charm of Gong Yoo is how much he slays in fashion pictorials. From giving off heart-fluttering vibes of a college senior whom every girl has a crush on, to a playful older brother, to a successful CEO, Gong Yoo is a full package.

Gong Yoo is also good at taking “boyfriend material” pictures posted on Instagram, which ignite the imagination of fans. Gong Yoo has his viral fancams as well. Among them, the most legendary fancam is the one where he winked at the camera during a stage greetings of his movie.

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan ranked 4th place, aespa’s Winter ranked 5th place, actor Park Bo Gum took 6th place, followed by dancer Noze in 7th place

Park Bo Gum shot to fame thanks to the drama “Reply 1988” and received much love for his warm-hearted personality. In addition, Park Bo Gum often made headlines with his visuals that remained godly even when he enlisted in the navy. Not only can he act, Park Bo Gum can also sing, dance, and play piano. 

In 8th place was TXT’s Yeonjun. Yeonjun easily caught the attention with his model-worthy physique. Yeonjun’s monolid eyes and slightly raised mouth corners make his visuals stand out. In real life, Yeonjun is full of puppy vibes, so much so that he is even called a kissing fairy. Yeonjun was known as a legendary Big Hit trainee by winning first place in dance, rap and singing. He is most popular for his blue hair. A video of Yeonjun titled “The Blue Haired Guy” recorded 2.32 million views. A stage fancam where he wore Adidas is also legendary. 

Source: daum

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