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“Street Man Fighter” YGX leader Deukie shed tears ahead of the Mega Crew mission, “I’m sorry towards the kids” 

Deukie burst into tears multiple times on this week’s episode of “Street Man Fighter”. 

YGX was shown preparing for the mega crew mission in the latest episode of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”, which aired on October 11th. 

Hyunse was angry with the laziness of his crew members.  Hyunse said, “Everyone who comes out is doing well. I hope you don’t feel ashamed. I’m not talking about opinions, but about the older members sitting down and doing nothing.”

In response, Junho tried to draw a line, saying, “It’s not a matter of attitude, it’s about directing,” but the reaction was already cold. Meanwhile, the evaluation of YGX’s interim rehearsal came back the worst. In particular, there were many reviews that leader Deukie’s directing was the most amateurish.

Leader Deukie said, “As a leader, I wanted to do well in this mission. I’m so sorry towards the members. This is the worst,” while slightly showing tears. In the rehearsal, Deukie showed his sensitive side. Junho said, “I can say that it is the most sensitive appearance of Deukie I have ever seen.” Deukie burst into tears, saying, “I feel sorry towards the kids. They were insulted by other crews because of me.”

After the fight jersey score was released, Deukie broke into tears once again when YGX’s sub-leader Dony, his twin brother, scored the lowest point.

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