Shin Se Kyung resumed YouTube activities after 5 months… revealed her new house

Actress Shin Se Kyung posted a new video on her YouTube channel after about 5 months 

On October 11th, Shin Se Kyung posted a video on her YouTube channel titled, “I moved! My first vlog of a new house, a trip to Jeju, and making a stew” .

In the video, Shin Se Kyung can be seen sitting at her desk and said, “I think I’ll probably edit it here this time.I don’t know how it’s going to change because I have to organize it a little more. How have you been? I got along well. I’m sorry that I’m posting too few videos.”

The actress then added, “These days, I’m filming a drama and it’s also a time of extreme temperature difference, so I’m paying more attention to my health.”

Through the video, viewers could also see parts of house Shin Se Kyung just moved in. In particular, there is an auxiliary kitchen with various baking tools such as kneaders and blenders, attracting attention. This is fitting of Shin Se Kyung, who has always been famous for enjoying home-baking.

At the same time, the actress also showed that she is working hard on self-management through her personal exercises in Jeju Island, which she visited for filming. In addition, after returning to the accommodation, the actress even washed up and cleaned up after herself, showing the aspect of a housekeeper.

Shin Se Kyung is expected to reunite with viewers in the near future through tvN’s upcoming drama “Arthdal ​​Chronicles 2”.

Source: wikitree

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