Noze placed 7th in the ranking of most charming celebrities amid controversy 

Dancer Noze ranked 7th in the latest ranking on “TMI News Show.”

In the 21st episode of Mnet’s entertainment show “TMI News Show”, which was broadcast on July 13th, the ranking of “Top 8 guilty stars who make fans’ hearts flutter” was released.

Dancer Noze took 7th place. Thanks to Mnet’s hit show “Street Woman Fighter”, Noze became one of the most talked-about icons as selected by the MZ generation thanks to her trendy appearance, which is said to “look more like a celebrity than celebrities themselves”. Contrary to her cold aura on the outside, Noze’s easy going personality is like a cute kitten, which makes her more charming. 

Moreover, Noze rose to fame not only because of her visuals. Noze was the one who choreographed the “Hey Mama” dance that became a craze. Noze was popular even before appearing in “Street Woman Fighter”. When she was one of the backup dancers for EXO’s Kai during his solo debut, she drew attention for her pretty looks and charismatic presence on stage. Back then, she went viral and was referred to as the ‘goggles girl’ because she was wearing goggles during Kai’s performances.

With her small face, long legs, enviable physique, and perfect dancing line, Noze even recorded fancam views that are as high as idols.

Meanwhile, Noze has recently been embroiled in a controversy over power tripping in SNS advertisements. Noze did not properly fulfill her contracts with small and medium-sized brands even though she received an advertising fee of 30 to 50 million won per SNS post. She allegedly discriminated against smaller brands while favoring luxury brands.

In response to criticism, Noze posted a handwritten apology on July 12th and said, “I’m sorry to speak up so late. I was careful how I should convey my apology to those who may have been disappointed by my recent immature actions. I sincerely apologize for causing damage and disappointment to the advertising officials.

Source: daum

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