K-netizens point out the similarities between BLACKPINK’s Jennie, influencer FreeZia and dancer Noze

Jennie (BLACKPINK), FreeZia (Song Ji A) and Noze all exude irresistible charm.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Single’s Inferno contestant FreeZia (Song Ji A) and dancer Noze are currently the hottest female celebrities in Korea. Jennie is a member of global girl group BLACKPINK so her popularity is undeniable, but the impact of FreeZia and Noze is no less outstanding.

Korean netizens have noticed the similar appearance of these 3 girls: pretty face, stunning body, classy aura, and notably “cute and sexy” vibes like a cat. 


Jennie has been labeled a trendsetter among Korean celebrities since her debut until now. Jennie is known as the representative member of BLACKPINK and one of the most outstanding beauty and fashion icons in Korea for a reason. “YG princess” exudes trademark cold, classy and elegant vibes, but she is also cute and feminine.

Without a V-line face or a high nose bridge, Jennie still looks gorgeous in her own way and stands out for her unmistakable aura. With signature “dumpling” cheeks, unique facial features that don’t adhere to common Korean beauty standards, and an enviable body that makes her look good in every outfit, it is not hard to understand why Jennie becomes Asia’s top “IT Girl”. 


Single’s Inferno is the most popular reality dating show in the past couple of weeks. The “main character” who takes the spotlight is female YouTuber FreeZia, whose real name is Song Ji A. FreeZia has constantly been the center of attention on social media these days. She is no less viral than any idol or actress. 

Song Ji A attracts much attention for her pretty, chic doll-like face with cat-like eyes, sexy body and trendy fashion. Ji A’s rich lifestyle, charming personality and open nature to men make everyone drawn to her. She is also known for looking similar to both Jennie and Jang Won Young. 

BLACKPINK Jennie FreeZia
BLACKPINK Jennie FreeZia


Noze is a famous female dancer who caused a fever when she was a backup dancer who participated in EXO Kai‘s MV. Thanks to the show Street Woman Fighter, she has gained a huge fan base and became a new entertainment star and beauty icon in Korea. Noze attracts attention thanks to her youthful, sharp, and luxurious beauty. The female dancer became a hot topic on SNS and is admired by many netizens for being not only talented, confident but also beautiful and fashionable.

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