August 26, 2021

    IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon bursts into tears after losing against professional dancers

    Competing against too strong dancers, Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE) ended up getting sad results.
    September 2, 2021

    “Street Woman Fighter” dancer Taro left a suspicious message on her SNS, did she want to attack Mnet or Lee Chae Yeon?

    After the latest episode of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” was broadcast, HOLY BANG Taro went on her SNS to express…
    September 6, 2021

    Street Woman Fighter: WayB NOZE chooses PROWDMON MONIKA as the worst dancer

    Street Woman Fighter is becoming a lot hotter with fierce competitions between 8 dance teams. Also from episode 3, there…
    2 weeks ago

    Street Woman Fighter: WANT was eliminated, other crews proceeded to the semi-final round

    “Street Woman Fighter” raised the nervousness of the viewers because of its cold-hearted crew elimination ahead of the semifinal.
    2 weeks ago

    Emma (Street Woman Fighter) bragged about her being late for practice, “I’m the princess of lateness while Rozaline is the queen”

    While WANT Emma (real name Song Hyemin) is involved in a controversy over her attitude, her past remarks are being…
    September 1, 2021

    The dancers of “Street Woman Fighter” reacted to Lee Chae Yeon’s creative choreography

    Lee Chae Yeon, IZ*ONE’s former member, burst into tears being criticized by the professional dancers.
    2 weeks ago

    Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter received criticism for taking free choreography drafts and promoting Jessi’s new song

    As soon as Mnet Street Woman Fighter (hereinafter referred to as SWF)'s semi-final mission was released, it received a lot…
    2 weeks ago

    “Street Woman Fighter” best dancers, chosen by “Produce 101” Bae Yoon-jeong

    Choreographer of many idol performances, Bae Yoon-jeong, picked the best dancers of "Street Woman Fighter". 
    1 week ago

    MC Kang Daniel’s sweet actions towards “Street Woman Fighter” dancers that melted the hearts of fans

    ‘Street Woman Fighter’ MC Kang Daniel showed his friendliness to the dancers and made the viewers heart-fluttering.
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