“Produce 101” contestant Jang Moon-bok shed tears on his first TV broadcast 3 years after his private life controversy

Singer Jang Moon-bok will appear on a broadcast for the first time in a while since his personal life controversy.

On June 17th, Channel S’s “Attack on Grandma”, released a trailer showing Jang Moon-bok visiting the grandmothers of the show and delivering his recent status in the new episode, which will air on June 21st.

In the trailer, Jang Moon-bok showed off his unique rap skills in front of the grandmothers. The grandmothers opened their mouths in surprise because of Jang Moon-bok’s charming voice and brilliant rap that was not easy for them to understand.

grandma attack

When Jang Moon-bok finished his rap, actress Na Moon-hee asked in astonishment, “Can your tongue follow your rap?”. Actress Park Jung-soo honestly confessed, “I understand nothing”. Actress Kim Young-ok commented “I couldn’t get a thing either” to Jang Moon-bok’s rap.

The scene where Jang Moon-bok shed tears while revealing his deep thoughts and feelings to the grandmothers was shown, raising the viewers’ expectations for the new broadcast.

grandma attack

Internet users are curious about the untold story that Jang Moon-bok will tell when making his first appearance on a TV broadcast after three years.

Earlier, Jang Moon-bok was embroiled in controversy due to the revelation of A, a netizen who claimed to be Jang Moon-bok’s ex-girlfriend in 2020. At that time, A said that Jang Moon-bok, whom she met at a drinking party with acquaintances, tried to make physical contact with her, such as wrapping her waist and leaning toward her. Later, A revealed that Jang Moon-bok even asked her to kiss and sleep with him at another drinking party when their acquaintances were away and the two were left alone together. 

grandma attack

Jang Moon-bok, who received huge love with the nickname “Hip-hop President”, suspended his broadcasting activities after making a post counterattacking his ex-girlfriend when the controversy erupted. 

Source: insight

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