2NE1 will be back this May?

This news is making Kpop fans flutter!

On April 14, Korean media reported that 2NE1 would reunite with all 4 members. Accordingly, the new song will be produced by leader CL.

According to an insider from the music industry, the members all gathered for Minzy’s birthday in January and ended up recording a song.

“The 2NE1 members gathered for Minzy’s birthday in January, and recorded a track. Although the comeback period has not yet been confirmed, they are preparing with the goal of a May release in mind. The song that 2NE1 recorded was worked on by CL.”

– an insider
2NE1 suddenly gathered to celebrate the birthday of Minzy
2NE1 members got together to celebrate Minzy’s birthday

Earlier, on April 10, Park Bom revealed on KBS Cool FM that 2NE1 has recorded a surprise together but they were not sure about the release. These informations make Kpop fans in general and BLACKJACKs in particular extremely excited.

2NE1 will be back this May?

However, CL’s agency immediately denied this information. CL’s representative said that 2NE1 members had visited CL’s studio, but they did not record any songs.

The statement from CL’s side makes netizens quite disappointed. However, fans still hope that all 4 talented girls will together appear on the same stage again in the near future.

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