Park Shin Hye celebrates her first birthday as a mother, reveals special gifts

Actress Park Shin Hye received special gifts on her first birthday after giving birth to her first child.

On February 18th, Park Shin Hye showed fans a special birthday cake and presents prepared for her 34th birthday.

In particular, her birthday this year is even more meaningful in that it is Park Shin Hye’s first birthday after giving birth to her son and becoming a mother. From the cake to the presents, everything is very special as it is Park Shin Hye’s first time celebrating a birthday with her family of three, her husband Choi Tae Joon and her son.

Park Shin-hye

Park Shin Hye received the world’s only jacket as a gift from the brand she works as a muse for. She expressed her gratitude, saying, “Thank you for giving me the one and only jacket.” She was also moved by the handwritten letter from the brand.

Park Shin Hye also revealed her lovely birthday cake that was elegantly decorated. Underneath a beautiful printed picture of Park Shin Hye, a message on the cake reads, “Our beautiful spring, Shin Hye. Sincerely wish you a happy birthday.”

park shin hye choi tae joon thumbnail

Park Shin Hye married actor Choi Tae Joon in January of last year. In May of the same year, she gave birth to a son. Park Shin Hye is currently considering appearing in the new drama “Doctor Slump” alongside Park Hyung Sik. 

“Doctor Slump” is a drama about the growth and love of two main characters who fall into a slump and quit their jobs as doctors. They end up living in a rooftop house together.

If Park Shin Hye confirms her return in “Doctor Slump,” it will be her small-screen comeback in about two years.  After the 2021 JTBC drama “Sisyphus”, Park Shin Hye went on a hiatus to focus on her marriage, childbirth, and childcare.

Source: Nate

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