Jennie’s rumored dating partners: EXO Kai, BIGBANG G-dragon, and BTS V… and how YG responded to them all

BLACKPINK Jennie is once again embroiled in dating rumors. This time, her alleged boyfriend is BTS V. 

On May 22nd, photos were posted on various online forums along with various articles saying that BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie were spotted together on Jeju Island. 

The original poster of the photos said: “They may be lookalikes, from what I have seen, two top idols were caught together on Jeju Island. Couldn’t fact-check it so I covered all the names.” 

BTS V Jennie
The newest rumored Kpop couple: BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie. 

In the photo released, a man and woman, believed to be V and Jennie, were wearing sunglasses and enjoying their trip

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Netizens were firmly set that the couple in question is V and Jenny due to previous SNS posts of the two. According to them, both BTS V and BLACK Jennie have posted about their tríp to Jeju, the sunglasses worn in the photo is from a brand Jennie advertises, and the couple’s profile names are the initials of “V” and “J” in Korean, thus strengthening the reliability of this new dating rumor. 

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As of now, most reactions regarding this alleged new romantic relationship have been positive, with comments like “If true, they look good together”, “Congratulations”, “It looks like Jennie broke up with G-Dragon”, “Both of them look good because they like each other”, “It’s so amazing”, “They are a visual couple”, etc.

On May 23rd, Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment and BTS V’s agency Big Hit Music (HYBE Labels) remained silent. 

YG Ent

People are also discussing Jennie’s choice of dating partners since her debut, which consists of EXO Kai, BIGBANG G-Dragon, and now, BTS V. Out of the three, Jennie’s first relationship with Kai (whose real name is Kim Jong In), was revealed via an article on Dispatch on January 1st, 2019.

At the time, Dispatch unveiled various paparazzi photos of Kai and Jennie on their date, to which SM Entertain admitted that the two were in the beginning of a romantic relationship. However, perhaps due to the pressure of the public, the couple separated only a month after this public announcement. 

Jennie’s second dating gossip was with BIGBANG G-Dragon (also known as GD or with his real name Kwon Ji Young), her senior from YG Entertainment. The two, who are 8 years apart, quickly became the talk of town, but YG never confirmed nor denied this relationship. 

Dispatch exposed the couple Jennie and G-Dragon

Finally, the latest alleged romantic partner of Jennie is BTS V, who was born in December 1995, only one month older than the female idol. YG once again gave the same statement, while attention is drawn to Big Hit Music until an official stance is given. 

BTS V Jennie

Source: Nate

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