Treasure’s Yoshi made fans flutter with his amazing fan service in “TMI-LOG”

Treasure’s Yoshi took a step closer to fans’ hearts with his friendly charm in daily life.

YG Entertainment uploaded episode 3 of Treasure’s “TMI-LOG” on their official SNS on Oct 27th. Following Asahi and Choi Hyun-suk, Yoshi became the third member to meet Treasure Makers around the world with a self-cam.

Treasure Yoshi

The released video was full of Yoshi’s emotions. While walking along the Han River with Mashiho, he was fascinated by the full moon as well as the night view. Not only enjoying the romance of autumn, the young idol also watched colorful LEDs and fell into contemplation.

Treasure Yoshi

Afterwards, Yoshi and other members opened a nabe mukbang made by Mashiho. While waiting for the dishes, he had a joint dance time with Choi Hyun-suk. Their humorous gestures when dancing to BLACKPINK Lisa‘s “LALISA” brought laughter to viewers.

Treasure Yoshi

After finishing the meal, Yoshi returned to his childhood by immersing himself in the games with the members. Then, he headed to his favorite vintage shop to pick clothes. Finally, he completed a painting full of his own personality in the studio.

Treasure Yoshi

Yoshi said, “I wanted to give my fans the feeling of having a date with me, so I tried to capture as much of my daily life as possible. I hope that you will continue to love Treasure in the future.”

Treasure Yoshi

Recently, Treasure successfully finished their first “Private Stage” since debut. They proved their overwhelming stage presence and solid live skills in front of fans from more than 100 countries around the world, which raised expectations for their future performances.


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