Unfollowed by G-Dragon, BLACKPINK’s Jennie is dating BTS’s V? The two are spotted going on a vacation in Jeju Island (ft. fact check)

Rumors of a romantic relationship between BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V have been raised.

On May 22nd, a photo taken of two people assumed to be BLACKPINK’s Jennie (Kim Jennie) and BTS’s V (Kim Tae-hyung) going sightseeing in Jeju Island was spread on various SNS sites and online communities.

The OP (original poster) said, “A hot photo came out today”, adding, “I don’t know if they are only some lookalikes but two top idols were captured in Jeju Island. Especially, the female idol recently had a dating rumor but I heard she broke up with that OG idol member. That’s why fans are believing in this. Since the fact has not been confirmed, I will keep the names a secret for now.”

BTS V Jennie

Along with the article, a photo showing Jennie and V on a vacation in Jeju Island was attached. OP said they would not reveal the name since this was an unconfirmed fact, however, Jennie did visit Jeju Island recently. She even posted on her Instagram a photo of her wearing the model “Tambu” of the sunglasses brand “Gentle Monster” she is modeling for. 

BTS V Jennie

In addition, V recently visited Jeju Island and posted a picture that seems to have been taken by someone from behind his back, making netizens believe in the dating rumors even more.

BTS V Jennie

In particular, Jennie and V surprised everyone as they also changed their Instagram profiles to the letters “J” and “V”, respectively. This coincidence made Internet users suspect, “Are they dating?”.

BTS V Jennie

On the other hand, in December of last year, V set up a personal Instagram account. He was caught following Jennie’s account and then quickly unfollowed it. The male idol then explained that it was just an accident because he was not used to Instagram. Linking it to the recently shared image, many netizens wonder whether there is any relationship between the two stars.

However, some netizens do not believe this photo as some realized this image was edited from pictures of V and j-hope from ‘In The Soop.’ The OP then uploaded another story telling that he was checking the fact.

jennie bts v

Earlier on February 24th last year, Dispatch reported, “G-Dragon and Jennie have developed from senior and junior of the same company into lovers. They have been dating for a year.” The media added that many people, including officials of YG Entertainment and Jennie’s mother, already know and support their relationship.”

However, the Instagram account of BIG BANG’s G-Dragon recently unfollowed Jennie’s, causing a breakup rumor to arise.

Source: Nate

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