Jung Woo Sung expresses his condolences for the Itaewon disaster in a poem “I’m sorry, don’t forgive me”

Jung Woo Sung mourns the Itaewon disaster. 

On November 2nd, Jung Woo Sung shared a poem by Kim Eui Gon through his SNS. The title of the poem is “I’m sorry, don’t forgive me”, and the lines “Itaewon 173-7 / In that narrow alleyway / Do not overlay flowers” are reminiscent of the recent Itaewon tragedy.

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Kim Eui Gon’s poem, which contains a heartbreaking message, reads, “How scared must have been that night / How desperate you must have been at that moment // With the things you want to do and the dreams you want to achieve / Enduring hard until the end / Your nails that would have dug into your skin / It blooms like a dagger in my heart. // 304 children / How long has it been since they left the stars in the sky…”

Reading this poem, there is no one who does not think of the Sewol ferry disaster that occurred 8 years ago based on the mention of “304 children” among the verses. 

Jung Woo-sung Itaewon stampede

Most of the victims of the Itaewon disaster were teenagers and young adults in their 20s, a very young age, so it was a big shock to everyone. In fact, foreign media outlets are also linking the 2014 Sewol ferry disaster with the Itaewon crowd crushing accident. Many people are suffering from the trauma left by both heartbreaking incidents. 

Netizens who saw Jung Woo Sung’s post left comments, conveying their earnestness and heartbreak, such as, “I pray that the victims rest in peace,” and “It’s not an Itaewon accident, but a disaster,” “I hope the sadness of the victims’ families will be relieved.” 

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