Female K-pop idols who became more attractive after putting on some weight 

These idols become more stunning by adding some weight to their body. 


Early in her debut, Girls’ Generation Yoona was known for her skinny image. The slender physique is most noticeable in short skirts 

Weight gain adds curves and shape to Yoona’s figure. Yoona’s image in body-hugging outfits becomes more attractive. The idol herself also appears more energized and youthful 



In the past, IU also drew attention for her skinny figure. Her slim physical appearance was the most apparent in shorts

However, with some extra weight, the idol grows in gorgeousness. Be it short or long hair, IU attracts viewers at first glance 


In the early days of debut, BLACKPINK Rosé caught eyes with her skinny legs. In platform boots, the idol became more noticeably slender 

However, once the idol gained some weight, the “On The Ground” singer confidently shows her figure in body-showing tops or strapless dress by the pool 


AOA Seolhyun is not often concerned for her weight. However, there were time the idol drew attention for visible collarbones. At that time, fans worried if she had to go through a strict diet regime 

Nonetheless, the idol soon puts on some weight and looks healthy and content as ever, easing fans’ worry 


Girls’ Generation Sooyoung, once, gained attention for her unimaginably skinny image 


With a more suitable weight, the idol-actress becomes more gracious and mature with her image 

Source: K14 

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