This is how a famous idol with 8 years of experience handled the situation when her shirt got ripped during the performance

Netizens applauded SinB’s professional reaction to the recent stage accident during VIVIZ’s festival stage.

Since Idols have to dance and sing at the same time during their performances, they sometimes encounter unexpected situations on the stage. Rookies, who don’t have much experience in performing are often embarrassed by stage accidents, but veteran idols can overcome the crisis smoothly and professionally.


SinB, who is working in the group named VIVIZ after GFRIEND disbanded, recently drew attention as she showed off her professional side on stage.

On October 2nd, the 2022 Mokpo Music Play festival was held at Gatbawi Culture Town in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do. This festival is very meaningful as it was held for the first time in Mokpo, which has begun promoting itself as a city of music, this year.

Many famous singers, such as Gummy, Kyong Seo, Oh My Girl, Brave Girls, Golden Child, and VIVIZ, attended the festival and showed off their charms.

VIVIZ appeared in refreshing fairy-like pink costumes and decorated the stage with the song “BOP BOP!”.

The girl group presented amazing dance and shook the hearts of fans with their juicy smiles. Their visuals, singing ability, and lovely choreography were all perfect. However, member SinB caught the eyes of netizens with the way she solved the unexpected accident during the performance.

The sleeve of SinB’s off-shoulder top suddenly fell off. Noticing the situation immediately, SinB tried to hold back her laughter and naturally threw the sleeve to the side to continue dancing. When her part came, SinB did the choreography smoothly as if nothing had happened, drawing admiration from fans and netizens

After completing VIVIZ’s performance, SinB picked up the sleeve and waved at the audience before going down the stage.

Meanwhile, SinB, Eunha and Umji, who used to be members of the famous girl group GFRIEND, moved to Big Planet Made in October last year after GFRIEND’s disbandment. The three later re-debuted as the new girl group VIVIZ. 

Source: Insight

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