SM Entertainment strongly refuted EXO Chanyeol’s allegations of threatening a female motorcyclist

Amid allegations that EXO Chanyeol threatened a female motorcyclist, SM Entertainment countered, “It’s not Chanyeol.”

On April 27th, SM Entertainment strongly refuted allegations that Chanyeol threatened a female driver, saying, “The person in the video is not Chanyeol, and the vehicle is different from Chanyeol’s personal vehicle. We will take strong measures against the spread of false information.”

Earlier, on the same day, a post was posted on the online community that an idol’s vehicle threatened a female motorcyclist. This is a post summarizing a video that a YouTuber posted in March about what she experienced.

EXO Chanyeol

The YouTuber claimed that while she was riding a motorcycle on the road, a vehicle threatened her. In the video, the YouTuber shared the footage taken at the time, saying, “When I approached him to ask the reason for threatening driving while waiting for the light to change, he cursed with his finger.”

When filming began, the man in the car was wearing a hoodie hat and swearing at the YouTuber. However, it is impossible to confirm his face through the video.


The YouTuber claimed that the person who threatened her is “one of the most famous idols in Korea”. The YouTuber cited the shape of his hand, vehicle model, pet dog, and tattoo location as reasons. When the video was uploaded, some netizens left comments saying that the idol member claimed by the YouTuber was Chanyeol.

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