(G)I-DLE’s main vocalist Miyeon finally set her first step as a soloist 4 years after her debut 

Miyeon, who is well-known as the main vocalist of the girl group (G)I-DLE, will release her first solo album 4 years after her debut.

At 1 p.m on April 27th, a press conference was held at a cafe in Mapo-gu, Seoul to celebrate the release of (G)I-DLE Miyeon’s first solo mini-album “MY”.


“MY” is Miyeon’s first solo album to be released 4 years after she debuted as a singer. This album has a total of 6 songs, including the title track “Drive”, “Rose”, “Softly”, “TE AMO”, “Charging (feat. JUNNY)”, and “Shower”. 

“Drive” is a song in which the guitar sound adds an emotional atmosphere to Miyeon’s clear and refreshing vocal to show her unique color. It contains the message that tells us to not lose our hearts and move forward. 

(G)I-DLE Miyeon

On this day, Miyeon said, “I wanted to include the unique color of Miyeon myself in this album. I don’t know if I have put enough of it in this album but I tried to present different genres of music that I wanted to do and show to everyone”. She also expressed her feelings about her solo debut, saying, “Rather than insisting on showing particular things, I want to let the public hear the music that can comfortably approach them. While looking back on my initial dream of becoming a singer and thinking about what I wanted to do, this album was born”.

(G)I-DLE Miyeon

When asked if she had any difficulties preparing for her solo album, Miyeon replied, “This is an album that I had prepared little by little even during my group’s hiatus. I was really happy and excited to work on this album which I had been steadily making for such a long time as if I was putting the puzzles together one by one. I really enjoyed the process and didn’t have any hard time”.


Miyeon’s group (G)I-DLE recently received huge love with the song “TOMBOY” from their first full album “I NEVER DIE”, which was released in March. Regarding this success, Miyeon said, “I’m very happy since the full album that we had carefully prepared for a long time gained so much love and support. Then, my solo album will also be released soon, so I hope it would become a surprise gift for fans”.


Miyeon also shared her thoughts on the reason why (G)I-DLE is so well-loved. The female idol said, “I think it’s because we have told the stories of our 20s sincerely and confidently. The music we will show in the future may be different from what we have done so far. It can be a new and unexpected genre. But one thing that will not change is that we’re going to deliver what we want to say honestly”. She added, “Sometimes we did wonder ‘Should we challenge this and that?’. However, receiving so much love and support from everyone, we became more confident and that’s why we could go this far”.


Miyeon is (G)I-DLE’s main vocalist and the third member to make a solo debut following Yuqi. She received a question asking if she felt pressured to make a comeback right after “TOMBOY” became a hit. In response, Miyeon said, “The two members who already released their solo albums did so well so I also tried to make an album that is as good as theirs. I think the excitement to show a new side of myself was greater than the pressure of being the main vocalist”.

Miyeon (G)I-DLE

Regarding her goals for this album, Miyeon shared, “It would be so great if my solo album could do well and win 1st place. But even if it couldn’t, I hope everyone would feel happy listening to my music”, adding, “I will also do my best on music broadcasts. I will show you the performances of the tracks, so please look forward to them”.


Miyeon, who has finally become a solo singer 4 years after her debut, is expected to captivate the public with her new appearance. Miyeon’s first solo album “MY” will be released on major music sites at 6 p.m on the same day. 

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