The reason why Hallyu media outlets still pay attention to Jia and Jessica

Former Miss A member Jia was once again rumored to be dating a chaebol. 

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica has also been active in China and dating a chaebol after leaving the team. Accordingly, many people are still interested in the activities of former Hallyu idols in China.

On Nov 9th (local time), multiple media outlets in China reported pictures and other information, saying that Jia enjoyed a ski resort date with a man.

In the pictures, Jia and the man were skiing together. The man also showed off his caring side by holding Jia’s skateboard.

While the man’s identity has not been revealed, there are speculations that he may be a wealthy man. Previously, Jia was in a relationship with Elroy Cheo, the second generation of a Singaporean conglomerate, in 2019. As a wealthy person with more than 2 trillion won, the relationship and dating movements of the two became a hot topic at that time.

Public interest in the identity of the man in the pictures is increasing. Jia has not made an official position on this.

Jia debuted under JYP Entertainment’s girl group Miss A in 2010 and became famous as a Chinese member. Her contract expired in 2016 and she withdrew from the team. Since then, she has been engaged in various activities in China.

Jessica also left Girls’ Generation and moved to China after announcing her romantic relationship with businessman Tyler Kwon. As representative examples of those who had their heyday in leading entertainment companies moving to China and carrying out activities, the recent activities of the two are still noteworthy.

In fact, officials from Korean agencies also seem to be paying keen attention to their overseas activities. Hallyu media outlets are expected to continue to report on NCT Lucas, f(x) Victoria, former Miss A member Jia, former Girls’ Generation member Jessica… in the future.

Source: Nate

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