Snowdrop episode 10: The reason behind Chung Ya (Yoo In Na)’s slap to Young Ro (Jisoo)

Jisoo is praised by netizens for her beautiful visuals and acting ability while her character Young Ro has many times gotten on people’s nerves.

Young Ro was given the image of an innocent and pure schoolgirl, which was successfully performed by Jisoo. Perhaps her naive personality was the reason why Young Ro has made the audience disappointed many times. 

In Snowdrop episode 10, Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) permits Young Ro to meet her father again. However, she unexpectedly went to inform her father about Doctor Kang’s (Yoo In Na‘s) spy background, despite the fact that Soo Ho had earlier warned and urged Young Ro to stay still and not do anything. Meanwhile, Chung Ya now feels displeased with Young Ro and even told Gyeok Chan (Kim Min Kyu) to kill Young Ro if she dared to reveal Chung Ya’s identity. Young Ro’s attempt to antagonize both sides resulted in a prolonged firefight between the National Security Bureau and Gyeok Chan. To protect her, Soo Ho was also injured by gunfire.

Snowdrop episode 10
Snowdrop episode 10
The audience thinks that Young Ro deserves a slap from Chung Ya
Snowdrop episode 10
Snowdrop episode 10

Previously, Young Ro had frequently put the entire dormitory in danger because she was too naive and trusting. Especially after she agreed to obey Kang Moo, which caused Chung Ya to lose control and blow up the dormitory. However, this is just Young Ro’s action when she has lost faith in Soo Ho, so perhaps that’s why she has repeatedly tried to betray him. So, maybe Young Ro will change after the two sort out their misunderstanding.

Snowdrop episode 10
Because Young Ro wanted to quickly get out of the dormitory to attend her brother’s funeral, Young Ro accidentally injured Soo Ho’s teammates.
Snowdrop episode 10
Meanwhile, the audience loves Chung Ya for her fiery attitude and her thoughtful thinking for her country and colleagues.


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