BIGBANG’s G-Dragon unfollowed BLACKPINK’s Jennie on his private Instagram, sparking breakup rumors

Netizens are wondering if this means the rumored relationship between G-Dragon and Jennie has ended. 

Some netizens recently noticed that the private account @peaceminusone of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is no longer following both the main and secondary accounts of BLACKPINK’s Jennie, @jennierubyjane and @lesyeuxdenini, on Instagram. What’s worth noting is G-Dragon only unfollowed Jennie, while still following the other 3 BLACKPINK members. His sudden action has raised suspicion regarding G-Dragon and Jennie’s rumored romantic relationship, whether they had a fight or they parted ways. 

Back in February 2021, Dispatch reported that G-Dragon and Jennie had been secretly dating for a year, with everyone at YG and even Jennie’s mother being well aware of their relationship. YG later issued a response saying they couldn’t confirm anything related to their artists’ personal lives. Since then, both G-Dragon and Jennie have not addressed the dating reports. Neither of them has denied nor confirmed whether they were a couple or not, leaving it a rumor all this time. 

g dragon jennie

Netizens’ reactions to G-Dragon unfollowing Jennie: 

  • What’s the big deal? He can follow and unfollow whoever he wants.
  • We don’t even know if they were really dating. Stop making a fuss. I can’t care less about their private lives. I’m only waiting for Jennie’s comeback with BLACKPINK. 
  • If they really broke up, I’m happy for Jennie. She can do better. 
  • Jennie is free.
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