MAMAMOO finished their solo concert with flying colors, “The singing life itself is a happiness”

The group’s MAMAMOO has finished their solo concert “4Season F/W” on a roaring note.

MAMAMOO hosted their fourth solo concert “2019 MAMAMOO CONCERT “4Season F/W” at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul for a total of three days from April 19 to April 21.

MAMAMOO opened the concert with “Paint Me” which marked the start of the “Four Season Four Color Project”, followed by high-quality stages of other representative songs which represent the aura of this project such as “Starry Night,” “Spring Fever”, “Rainy Season”, “Egotistic”, “No More Drama”, “Wind Flower”, “Better Than I Thought”, “My Star” and “gogobebe”
As the theme is four seasons, they used props such as flower trees and umbrellas to present a witty performance. They also expanded the radius of the stage by using wires to travel all over the concert hall, and was cheered by fans by challenging Nanta which they had never shown before.

Especially, the solo stages in which the four members of MAMAMOO showed off their distinct colors, caught the eyes and ears of the audience. Following her solo song “Selfish,” Moonbyul performed a TVXQ hit medley. In addition, the female rapper showed a unique attraction by choosing a contemporary performance. Wheein drew explosive reactions by showing a different twist on every stage she was on. With the powerful drum performance in her stage for Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby”, the vocal showed a total different side of her.

Hwa Sa then turned the mood around with “Hwasa Show”, a compilation of her life story from a middle school girl who dreamed of becoming a singer to a Mamamoo member. She did not miss out on both the emotion and the joy of the performance and performed a unique one. Solar charmed the audience with her explosive vocal with the ‘Titanic’ OST ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ On top of that, she also performed a series of performances including Beyonce’s “Fever,” The Ting Tings’ “Shut up and Let me Go” and BTS’ “Fire” and pushed the concert to a climax.

As such, MAMAMOO filled the concert hall with their own charm that is full of the unique colors of 4 season, performed through a variety of high-class performances that can only be seen at their concerts.

Afterwards, Mamamoo led the atmosphere of the concert hall to the highest level with hits such as “Taller Than You”, “I Love Too”, “Star Wind Flower Sun”, “Um Oh Ah Yeah” “Décalcomanie” and “Yes I Am”.

Thanks to this, the scream for encore broke out here and there after the concert announced its end, and MAMAMOO responded with “Words Don’t Come Easy”, “You Are The Best” and “Mr. Ambigous”, completed the concerts which was more than four hours full of performance without any time to be bored and the girls have displayed their true value as a “performance girl group”.

After the performance, the members said, “Thank you so much for coming. I’m so happy with this singing life itself. I will continue to try to be a great MAMAMOO that can reach your expectations.”

What was even more special about the concert was that it was a performance that embellished the “Four Seasons Four Colors Project”. During the past year, MAMAMOO has further cemented the group’s identity by utilizing symbolic colors and seasons which accentuates each member of the group.

The “4Season F/W” features a richer repertoire spanning the aura of all four seasons which gave the “Four Seasons Four Colors Project” a well-deserve splendid finale.

Sources: Naver

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