G-Dragon & Jennie are embroiled in dating rumors again… Evidence is Jennie’s photos at G-Dragon’s house?

BIGBANG G-Dragon and BLACKPINK Jennie were once again rumored to be dating, but the one who raised rumors received backlash.

On May 12th, on an online community, a netizen raised dating rumors with a post titled “There’s some photos of Jennie at G-Dragon’s house”.

The post contained a picture of a woman holding the luxury brand Chanel’s T-shirt. The space had Jennie’s photos. Besides, actress Jung Ho-yeon‘s autograph was also on display.

This netizen raised dating rumors, claiming that the picture was taken at G-Dragon’s house.

However, the post is being criticized by the public. The claim of another netizen who commented on the post is that the place in the picture is not G-Dragon’s house, but Chanel’s headquarters, and the woman holding the T-shirt is a Chanel official.


In addition, netizens are continuing to criticize the author, saying that groundless dating rumors about celebrities should be avoided.

Both G-Dragon and Jennie are active in promoting Chanel as global ambassadors. Jung Ho-yeon, whose autograph was captured, has experience as a model on the runway of Chanel’s campaign shows several times.


G-Dragon and Jennie are constantly being embroiled in dating rumors. Their agency YG Entertainment has been adhering to the position that “it is difficult for the company to confirm the truth about our artists’ private life” whenever dating rumors are raised.


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