These gorgeous Korean actresses boast overwhelming talent… but they are still single?!

After Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin departed the single train, netizens began to discuss these beautiful Korean actresses who haven’t been dating. 

Son Ye Jin used to be a single queen of the Korean showbiz, but now that she’s happily married to top actor Hyun Bin, things have changed. 

hyun bin son ye jin

Now, netizens are turning their eyes to other top actresses who still have no plans for marriage, nor are interested in relationships, and express great surprise when the list turns out to include many big names. 

Below are these super popular and super gorgeous Korean actresses who are still super single.

Jang Nara   

When it comes to ageless celebrities who haven’t found love, people’s minds would immediately drift to Jang Nara – who looks not a day older since her debut. In fact, just looking at the actress’s face alone, and you can mistake her for a student. 

Jang Nara

Born in 1982, Jang Nara recently entered her 40s, and yet whenever she publishes photos of her bare faces, people can’t help but gasp. Nobody would be able to tell the actress’s real age with such blemishless and glowing skin, and time seems to have forgotten her. However, netizens also question when Jang Nara would find her lifelong partner, or if she would still remain single in the future. 

Netizens can’t help but hail Jang Nara’s ageless bare face. 
Many people say she looks not a day older than 20. 

Kim Hye Soo

Another iconic face in the single land is the sexy icon Kim Hye Soo, who has recently reached 51 years old. 

However, according to many people, the actress looks decades younger than her real age, with or without makeup. With her youthful and stunning visuals, Kim Hye Soo still retains a top-tier position in the acting industry. 

Kim Hye Soo
Kim Hye Soo looks downright alluring in the behind footage of a photoshoot. 
Even without makeup, the actress’s visuals are way behind her years. 

Ha Ji Won

Now aged 43, Ha Ji Won still owns a youthful beauty that stands the test of time. 

While the actress no longer takes on as many projects as before, she still receives numerous praise for looking just as outstanding as her rookie days. However, despite having both fame and beauty, Ha Ji Won never once thought about getting married. 

The 43-year-old Ha Ji Won and her unrivaled visuals. 
The actress’s face has not aged since her rookie days. 

Song Ji Hyo 

The 40-year-old actress and Running Man member Song Ji Hyo never fail to stun people with her alluring appearance. 

Song Ji-hyo

Despite never wearing makeup on Running Man, Song Ji Hyo is as gorgeous as a goddess. While she boasts a loveline with Kim Jong Kook on the show, the actress always affirms that they only treat each other like family and close friends. 

Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo’s bare face may as well be a national treasure. 

Kim Sa Rang 

Hailed as “the best-looking Miss Korea”, Kim Sa Rang’s public appearances are always jaw-dropping, even at the age of 44. 

Kim Sa Rang

The actress’s beauty is always a hot topic among Korena netizens, who wonder what magic Kim Sa Rang committed to be able to look that young and maintain such a perfect figure. Some even credited her beauty to her lack of relationship, saying that having no children can do wonders to a woman. 

Kim Sa Rang
Kim Sa Rang’s admirable youthfulness at the age of 44. 

Talking about marriage, Kim Sa Rang once shared that she’d never rush her marriage to please others. Perhaps it’s her free-spirited and independent lifestyle that makes the actress so ageless. 

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