Expert talks about Kim Jun-su’s love fortune, “Date a celebrity? He has many worries and won’t meet a woman who doesn’t listen to him”

Singers Kim Jun-su and Young Tak were seen receiving advice on dating and marriage.

In Channel A’s “Nowadays Men’s Life: Groom’s Class”, which aired on May 11th, Young Tak and Kim Jun-su went to see their love fortune. On this day, Kim Jun-su and Young Tak headed to Saju Cafe. A physiognomy expert told Young Tak, “You will have lots of real estate”, and turned to Kim Jun-su, “I have nothing to say about your money”.

Kim Jun-su

Later, as soon as the full-fledged fortune-telling began, the two asked about marriage. The expert said, “In the case of Young Tak, you have missed your marriage opportunity once”, adding, “You will gain luck if you meet a stubborn woman, and you might get married after the age of 45”.

Kim Jun-su

To Kim Jun-su, the expert analyzed, “You will receive great luck in 2-3 years more, but since you are already a free-spirited person, just live the way you like”, adding, “You would do some kinds of business every year”. Regarding Kim Jun-su’s love fortune, the expert said, “You will meet a timid woman since you’re strong. You won’t meet a girl who doesn’t listen to you”, drawing laughter.

Kim Jun-su

Lastly, the two continued to see love fortune through tarot cards. Young Tak picked cards with a skull and a devil. The expert explained, “You haven’t met any woman for a while but if you have a relationship now, you would still end up breaking up. You’re too busy. But you will live happily even without a girlfriend”, causing everyone to laugh. Kim Jun-su’s love fortune followed and he picked a similar card to Young Tak. The expert explained, “If you don’t do anything, nothing would happen”, adding, “There is a star card. You can find someone around you”, hinting at a celebrity partner.

Kim Jun-su

The expert continued, “You will meet a woman around May, but you consider her a business partner rather than a woman. This card also implies busy work in July”, adding, “You are following a plan. You have lots of unnecessary worries and doubts about women, that’s why you won’t start well”. In response, Kim Jun-su said, “This is exactly why. I’m the type of person who worries a lot rather than suspecting things”.  

Kim Jun-su

The expert went on asking, “Have you thought of getting married?”, and Kim Jun-su replied, “I think I will do it one day”. The expert then said, “You can try receiving introductions from older people but you may not like them. You will definitely meet someone you like one day”.

Source: Daum

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