NCT Yangyang hinted at Lucas’s possible comeback, mentioned 7-member lineup of WayV

Lucas, who was embroiled in a cheating scandal, may return to the Chinese sub-unit of NCT, WayV. 

Recently, WayV’s Hendery and YangYang live-streamed on the social platform Weibo to interact with fans. The two discussed their broken car air-conditioner, and mentioned that they might need a new car. However, one comment from YangYang might have hinted at the return of their co-member Lucas

In particular, YangYang said: “We can buy a Bentley or a Rolls Royce. The manager even said it might be a Lamborghini, isn’t it cool? So the 7 of us… will need 7 managers. That’s a lot.”

From this, fans suspected that WayV will maintain their 7-member lineup, and that Lucas will return in the group’s next comeback.

Previously in August 2021, Lucas was accused of cheating on multiple girlfriends at the same time, emotionally manipulating and gaslighting his lovers, and pressuring a fan to have unprotected sex.

The idol then took to Instagram with a handwritten letter in which he apologized to those wronged by his behavior and promised to reflect on his past actions, while not directly addressing the accusations. SM Entertainment, on the other hand, remained silent. 

Later, fans discovered that Lucas was excluded from several group activities and disappeared from WayV and NCT’s merchandise, including their Seasonal Greetings and Artist Card Pack, drawing suspicions of his removal from the group.

However, YangYang’s recent statement has led to some concluding that Lucas won’t be leaving after all.  

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