The beauty of the male cast in Korean dramas set in the 80’s and 90’s: Jung Hae In is so handsome, the last one caused a fever right after the comeback.

The image of the male main cast in the 1980s and 1990s captured the hearts of many audiences.

Korean dramas set in the 1980s – 1990s always attract a lot of attention and follow-up from the audience. The male lead from the movies on this topic also received a lot of attention and love from the majority of moviegoers.

1. Choi Taek (Reply 1988)

The character Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum) in Reply 1988 (Reply 1988) often appears with a slow and funny appearance. Although Choi Taek is a bit naive, he is a gentle and warm person, especially in love, Taek is extremely decisive, not naive as many people think.

2. Im Soo Ho (Snowdrop)

No longer the usual gentle image, Jung Hae In’s character Im Soo Ho in Snowdrop has become tougher and stronger than his previous images. Soo Ho has a handsome and muscular appearance, but one thing that cannot be hidden is his sad eyes.

3. Hwang Hee Tae (Youth Of May)

The image of Lee Do Hyun in Youth Of May has received many compliments from the audience. The character Hwang Hee Tae played by the actor has the bright features of youth and melancholy in a sad love story that has left many indelible impressions on viewers.

4. Kim Woo Jin (Hymn Of Death)

In Hymn Of Death , Kim Woo Jin (Lee Jong Suk) appeared with a deep and indifferent look. Woo Jin’s quietness has partly shown his thoughtful personality and foreshadowed a painful love affair in a tumultuous historical period.

5. Baek Yi Jin (Twenty Five, Twenty One)

As soon as the drama Twenty Five, Twenty One aired, Nam Joo Hyuk received a lot of positive feedback thanks to his mesmerizing beauty in the character Baek Yi Jin. On the outside, the guy Baek Yi Ji is always hard working and happy with everyone around, but deep inside, he hides worries about life, his family, and his youth.

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