BTS’s V made fans curious after following and unfollowing BLACKPINK’s Jennie

BTS’s V followed and then unfollowed BLACKPINK’s Jennie, raising fans’ curiosity.

BTS V, who started to use Instagram eight years after his debut, reportedly followed BLACKPINK Jennie and later unfollowed her. Jennie is the first individual account V has followed in addition to the other six members’. Jennie’s Instagram account was added to V’s following list early on December 7th. Earlier, V only followed seven accounts, including the other six members’ and BTS’s official account. 

BTS V follow Jennie

After V reportedly followed Jennie, a number of articles were posted online expressing curiosity about their friendship. Fans’ surprise seemed even greater because the two had very few contacts.

BTS V follow Jennie

However, this action seems to be simply a mistake, as V unfollowed Jennie’s account shortly afterwards.

On the fan community Weverse, a post saying, “Instagram recommendation, is there a way to get rid of this? Such a scary app” was uploaded. It can be interpreted that Jennie’s account appeared as a “recommended account” for V and he accidentally pressed follow.

BTS V Weverse

V opened a personal Instagram account on Oct 6th and has achieved 16.8 million followers as of 10 p.m. on Dec 7th, a day later, which is the fastest speed in Instagram history. V’s first post even earned 1 million likes in just 4 minutes. 

This would be the first time in more than eight years since their debut on June 13th, 2013 that BTS opened their personal Instagram accounts.  Until yesterday, BTS had only operated a group account and had been communicating with fans through fan cafes and fan community platform Weverse.

Big Hit Music, their agency, said in response, “They have opened their own Instagram to express individuality as an artist and to communicate with fans in various ways.

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