“I couldn’t even attend it”… ‘Lee Sang-hwa’s husband’ Kangnam complained about the ‘mosaic humiliation’ that arose after Kim Yuna’s wedding

Broadcaster Kangnam gave his explanation about the “mosaic humiliation”.

A video titled “The mosaic controversy, I want to explain this” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Neighborhood friend Kangnamie” on October 25th.

In the video, Kangnam was seen having an emergency meeting with the production team. They mentioned a photo taken when Lee Sang-hwa attended Kim Yu-na and Ko Woo-rim’s wedding on October 22nd. There was a man standing next to Lee Sang-hwa with his face got mosaicked. Netizens guessed that he was Kangnam, and the keyphrase “Kangnam mosaic humiliation” circulated online.

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Meeting the production team, Kangnam confessed his unfairness, saying “I’m getting lots of calls. I went to the hair salon today and everyone asked me ‘How did it happen?’. Everyone is asking the same question in Kakaotalk group chats. How can this happen to me even when I didn’t do anything? It would sound so funny now even if I say ‘It’s not me’”.

When the production team asked, “Then who is the person whose face got blurred?”, Kangnam said, “So I’ve called him here today”. Soon after, a man appeared.

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The man in that controversial picture turned out to be Lee Sang-hwa’s manager. Kangnam laughed and said, “It’s actually been a long time since we met. I was so speechless and didn’t even think of calling him at first. But as we started to receive too many calls, he called me and asked, ‘Hyung, what should we do?’”.

The manager said, “At first, I thought the controversy would end immediately but then even my relatives called me”, adding “All of my acquaintances know it was me. They recognized me right away”.

lee sang hwa

Kangnam then said, “I was supposed to be there too, but couldn’t come because I had work to do”, revealing that he couldn’t attend the wedding because of his schedule.

When asked to make a review about the wedding, the manager said, “I thought she was a Disney princess. We sat at the same table as Krystal. They served steak but since Krystal was there, I ate only a little”.

“I’m still receiving calls even now. My subway friend Seungri is also asking ‘Is there any problem?’”, Kangnam said with a disappointed expression. 

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