A famous actress revealed the reason why she broke off her engagement right at the wedding 

Actress Lee Kyung Jin revealed the story of her breakups in the past. 

In the May 10th broadcast of KBS’s TV program “Park Won Sook’s Live Together”, actress Lee Kyung Jin told the story of her wedding ceremony that was prepared in the States, but ended up getting called off.  In this episode, Park Won Sook asked Lee Kyung Jin, “You were about to get married? Did you come and leave? What happened?”, with Lee Kyung Jin replying, “It (the engagement) ended at the wedding venue.”

Lee Kyung-jin

She continued, “I was already wearing a wedding dress. But then I found out that my husband-to-be was divorced. Actually, I was trying to live a different life because I felt the limits of marriage due to the stress of being followed by someone like stalking. It was different from what I imagined in my head.”

Lee Kyung-jin

Lee Kyung Jin recalled, “But, before I turned 40, I wanted to get married. The person I met in my late 30s could have been the one but he was the only son of a single mother. He lived with his mother. He said he was going to marry me so his mother got jealous. That’s why it didn’t work out and I couldn’t get married before.”  She added, “We broke up. Ten years later, he came back to me when he was old, and I wondered why I liked him.”

Lee Kyung-jin

Meanwhile, Lee Kyung Jin made her debut as a talent in MBC’s 7th recruitment in 1974. In the 1970s, she was dubbed ‘the next generation’s flower of KBS’ and received much love for her CF appearances. 

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