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Song Ji-hyo, “After Gary got off, I couldn’t accept Kim Jong-guk’s love line…”

Song Ji-hyo shared her thoughts on her love line with Kim Jong-kook in “Running Man”.

Actress Song Ji-hyo appeared as a guest on MBC Every1’s “Tteokbokki Brothers”, which aired on May 10th.

Song Ji-hyo

On the broadcast, Song Ji-hyo revealed herself as a homebody as she only goes outside on the filming days for “Running Man”. She also talked about her relationship with the production team of “Running Man”, which was formerly the team of “Inkigayo”, as the opportunity that helped her join the show. Song Ji-hyo expressed her affection for “Running Man”, saying, “I have been with ‘Running Man’ for 12 years, but I had different feelings every time I met them. I think the reason I’m able to have gone with the members for 12 years is my faith and trust in them”.

Song Ji-hyo

Song Ji-hyo used to be the only female member until Jeon So-min joined. Regarding this, she said, “I felt so good when So-min joined the team. Men and women have different shower times when we play games with water. Even when I tried to wash up quickly, all the male members were already outside waiting for me. I felt so sorry for keeping them waiting. It was good to have So-min as my comrade because we would take the same amount of time”.

Song Ji-hyo

Regarding the reason why she always films “Running Man” with a natural appearance with little makeup, Song Ji-hyo said, “Rather than going to shop to get makeup done, I take advantage of this time to sleep since it is more important for my condition in a day. I once entered the water right at the beginning of ‘Running Man’ filming so my makeup done at the shop was washed away completely. I found it so annoying and that’s why I keep my natural face on the filming day”. She also confessed, “I personally think actresses, actors, entertainers, and broadcasters are no different. I don’t have the desire to look better or prettier than anyone since we are doing the same job”.

In response, Lee Yi-kyung surprisingly said, “You were really like that when I appeared on ‘Running Man’. This is the first time I see you with makeup”. Ji Seok-jin also certified Song Ji-hyo’s easygoing personality, saying, “Song Ji-hyo once came to the shooting site with a bag and I thought it was a luxury one. It was a leather bag but the leather looked fake somehow. So I asked Song Ji-hyo whether it was a famous one and she said she bought it with 50,000 won. No formality. No pretense”.

song ji hyo

Kim Jong-min was curious about Song Ji-hyo’s love line with Kim Jong-kook. In response, the actress said, “I agreed with it just for drama promotion on Youtube. I actually hated love lines at first. So I asked Jong-kook oppa, ‘Let’s not do it’. I used to have a love line with Gary oppa, who is living a happy life at the moment. After Gary oppa left, I was later put in another love line with Jong-kook oppa. I couldn’t agree with having love lines with two men. I hated it so much”.

song ji hyo

Song Ji-hyo said, “I started accepting it at some point and the reaction was interesting. So I then started wondering if it’s okay to try? Should I do it? Now I ask for more,” Ji Seok-jin then added, “I said I would buy you two a large TV, but Jong-kook said not to come even if you guys get married, which is impossible according to him. I’m one of the people who desperately want to see you guys date,” he cheered.

Ji Seok-jin asked, “Have you ever felt your heart flutter in front of Jong-kook?” Jong-kook said he never felt so,” and Song Ji-hyo said, “My ideal type is Winnie the Pooh style, which is opposite from Kim Jong-kook. I haven’t gone to any blind dates. I’m the type to prefer natural meetings. When I was in my 30s, I went on blind dates a lot. Whenever my mom goes to someone’s wedding, she would make a fuss. I left home because I didn’t want to hear those stories. I would go to any kind of accommodation or a friend’s house,” revealing her ideal type.

song ji hyo

Song Ji-hyo continued, “My mom stopped talking about that at some point. I went out for two days, slept outside only for one night, and came home the next day, but my mom didn’t say anything, so I don’t touch it at all now. That’s great. I don’t want to meet a man just for marriage. If I want to meet a man who makes me wanna get married, I want to do it then,” she said.

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