Everyone can see that they are celebrities… Im Si-wan and Yoona’s “real” photo taken at Baeksang Arts Awards

Im Si-wan released the photo taken with Yoona at an awards ceremony.

On May 10th, Im Si-wan posted a picture on Instagram along with the caption saying, “What a selfie.” The photo showed Im Si-wan and Yoona, who met at the Baeksang Arts Awards. The two stood side by side and took pictures face to face. Above all, the two drew attention by pretending to take a selfie while looking at the camera held by another person.

Im Si Wan

Earlier, Im Si-wan uploaded a selfie taken with Yoona on Instagram on May 7th. Yoona left a comment, saying, “Both of us said we wouldn’t take selfies with each other.” Im Si-wan and Yoona worked together as the main characters in MBC’s drama “The King in Love” (2017).

Im Si Wan

Meanwhile, Im Si-wan‘s movie “Emergency Declaration” is about to be released this year, and Yoona will appear in MBC’s new drama “Big Mouse”.

Im Si Wan

Source: Wikitree

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