Nam Goong Min X Ahn Eun Jin’s “My Dearest” Part 2 confirmed to premiere on October 13th

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “My Dearest” Part 2 confirmed its first broadcast on October 13th

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “My Dearest” (written by Hwang Jin Young/directed by Kim Sung Yong, Lee Han Joon, Cheon Soo Jin) concluded Part 1 on September 2nd amidst viewers’ warm interest and love. “My Dearest” Part 1 achieved impressive ratings, with episode 10 reaching 12.2% nationwide and 11.5% in the metropolitan area, setting a new record for its own highest viewership. At its peak, the viewership even reached a remarkable 14.4%. The drama also held the top spot in terms of overall program topicality for 3 consecutive weeks, ending Part 1 with an overwhelming first place.

In “My Dearest” Part 2, which is set to start airing on October 13th, the major focus will be on the dramatic changes in the story and characters as Jang Hyun (played by Nam Goong Min) and Gil Chae (played by Ahn Eun Jin) traverse between the Joseon era and Qing Dynasty after a heart-wrenching separation.

The production team stated, “The story of those taken to the Qing Dynasty after the Qing invasion of Joseon will unfold intriguingly intertwined with the fate of Jang Hyun and Gil Chae. Additionally, the new stories of characters introduced in the latter part of Part 1, including Blue Mask (played by Lee Chung Ah), Gu Won Moo (played by Ji Seung Hyun), Jang Cheol (played by Moon Sung Geun) and Royal Consort So Yong Jo (played by So Yoo Jin), will add dynamism to the two’s relationship.”

Nam Goong Min said, “You can look forward to a more enjoyable and beautiful love story than in Part 1.” Ahn Eun Jin expressed her gratitude to viewers as well as her confidence, “In Part 2, we’ll come back with a deeper and more interesting story.

Source: Naver

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