BLACKPINK just got news of collab, BTS also confirmed the collaboration with a new artist

BTS is about to collaborate with a legendary group of the world.

Recently, a Twitter account called Alien Radio FM – the social media account used by the Coldplay group to promote the studio album ‘Music of The Spheres’ in the style of “alien language” – has officially confirmed the collaboration with BTS. This information makes fans excited because this is the biggest name that BTS has ever collaborate with up to now!

The clip is a meaningless audio-visual sequence, but based on the “alphabet” hint that Coldplay previously revealed, the public can easily put together the message: ‘My Universe ft. BTS’ – officially confirmed that the boygroup of HYBE will feature in Coldplay’s song “My Universe”.

‘My Universe’ is the 10th track on the album Music of The Spheres, the 9th studio album by the “legendary” rock group from the UK – Coldplay. The album will be released on October 15. Perhaps generations of Vietnamese audiences are no longer too unfamiliar with songs like ‘Paradise’, ‘ViVa La Vida’, ‘A Sky Full of Star’, etc. Coldplay brings rock music full of contemplation, reflection, and emotion. captivated the world since their debut in 1996.

BTS and Coldplay having a collaboration is not surprising to fans because both groups were giving hints in advance. In June of this year, BTS covered Coldplay’s song on MTV Unplugged and was praised by the members.

At the same time, during an interview with Pop Crush, Coldplay leader Chris Martin also confirmed the possibility of a collaboration between the British and Korean boy bands. Therefore, My Universe is the result of the promise 3 months ago!

Coldplay is loved by generations of music fans thanks to their contemplative and emotional music.

Coincidentally, just a few hours ago, BLACKPINK was also confirmed to have an upcoming collaboration with 2 popular Western artists: Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion. Since their idols continuously “clash” in different things, it’s always been difficult for BLACKPINK and BTS fans to get along.

Obviously, Coldplay – a veteran group that won 7 Grammy Awards, 9 BRIT Awards, 7 MTV VMAs, … selling more than 100 million copies worldwide – is more “reputable”  than Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion combined. But commercials-wise, at the moment, it’s hard to confirm which collaboration will be a bigger hit! Let’s look forward to the good music of these amazing collaborations.


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