Yeri almost didn’t debut with Red Velvet: What’s the reason?

If Gong Seungyeon debuts with Red Velvet, the group may debut with a 5-member lineup from 2014.

Actress Gong Seungyeon, who is known for her beautiful face and ten years of persistent training at SM Entertainment, once almost debuted with Red Velvet. Gong Seungyeon’s real name is Yoo Seungyeon, joined SM Entertainment in 2004 and is a close friend to SM idols. The actress won the title of “Best Visual” at the SM Youth Best Contest in 2005.

Yeri almost didn't debut with Red Velvet: What's the reason?

At SM, Gong Seungyeon was praised as the “golden seed”. She used to practice with the members of Red Velvet for a long time. Seungyeon is one of the brightest candidates to debut with Red Velvet because her unique beauty is suitable to the group’s concept. However, after 10 years of training, Seungyeon decided to leave the company to fulfill her dream of becoming an actor. Because of her leaving, SM added a younger trainee – Yeri to Red Velvet. They wanted to bring cuteness and freshness to the group.

Yeri almost didn't debut with Red Velvet: What's the reason?

Starting a new journey, Gong Seungyeon has been diligently participating in film projects, TV shows. She has definitely become the apple in the public’s eyes. Despite giving up on debuting as a K-pop idol, Gong Seungyeon still maintains a beautiful friendship with Red Velvet members, especially seulgi. The actress also gave many words of encouragement to her younger sister Jeongyeon, who is very successful as a member of TWICE.

In your opinion, what would happen if Red Velvet debuted with a 5-member lineup: Seungyeon – Seulgi – Irene JoyWendy?

Yeri almost didn't debut with Red Velvet: What's the reason?
What if Red Velvet debuted with 5 members: Seungyeon – Wendy – Irene – Seulgi – Joy?

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