Han Ye-seul showed off a deep kiss with Ryu Sung-jae: “He is 10 years younger than me, but our MTBI is matchmade in heaven”   

Han Ye-seul unveiled a sweet date with her boyfriend Ryu Sung-jae, who is 10 years younger than her.

Han Ye-seul is

On Feb 8th, Han Ye-seul posted a video titled “Introducing Han Ye-seul’s Boyfriend: Introducing My Boyfriend” on her YouTube channel “Han Ye-seul is.” 

On that day, Han Ye-seul said, “It took six hours for me to dye my hair and dress up today. If I’ve usually liked to wear fancy clothes, I decide to wear a classic jumpsuit, a belt to accentuate my a lacey suit look today,” she said, showing a change in her style. 

Han Ye-seul then said, “It’s too late now (for the appointment). I booked a table at the restaurant at 6 o’clock, but it takes 30 minutes to get there. It’s 6:12 now,” she said, expressing her impatience.

“Are you guys finally seeing my boyfriend?” (Everyone) Let’s go meet my pretty boyfriend,” she said.

Han Ye-seul is

Han Ye-seul, who arrived at the appointment late, could not hide her happiness as soon as she saw her boyfriend Ryu Sung-jae, exclaiming, “Who is this?”

Han Ye-seul introduced, “He’s my boyfriend.” Then she told Ryu Sung-jae, “Honey, I worked hard all day with the pain of cutting bones to prepare this. I thought you were waiting for me outside, so I rudely said ‘Move aside’ when the restaurant manager was waiting to greet me.”

The two also shared a deep kiss in front of the camera. Ryu Sung-jae showed his affection by kissing Han Ye-seul on the cheek one after another. Han Ye-seul caressed his hair, saying, “You’re so cute.”

Han Ye-seul is

During dinner, Han Ye-seul happily said that she and her boyfriend Ryu Sung-jae had similar tendencies. She shared, “Among numerous MBTIs, there is a category that makes a match made in heaven with me. (Ryu Sung-jae) belongs to it. I’m ‘spontaneous’ while (Ryu Sung-jae) is ‘deliberate’. So we seem to get along well.”

While Han Ye-seul was talking, Ryu Sung-jae brought the bread to the bowl. Han Ye-seul proudly boasted, “Did you see it? It’s his meticulousness of putting the bread on top.”

Meanwhile, Han Ye-seul is in a public relationship with Ryu Sung-jae, who is 10 years younger than her.


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