This is currently the most beautiful child star in Korean film industry: Future visual beauty that overwhelmed Jeon Ji Hyun – Gong Yoo in blockbusters

This child star possesses outstanding beauty and impressive acting skills.

Among the talented and promising child stars of the current Korean film industry, little Kim Shi Ah is a prominent face. Pretty, talented, instead of taking on the role of supporting characters or the childhood version of the female lead, Shin Ah always takes on heavy-duty roles with a lot of screen time and makes a deep impression on the audience.

Born in 2008, Kim Shin Ah is only 14 years old, but possesses a very outstanding beauty that leaves a deep impression in the hearts of the audience. Most recently, Kim Shi Ah appeared in two Korean blockbusters, Gong Yoo‘s The Silent Sea and Jeon Ji Hyun‘s Kingdom: Ashin of the North. In both of these works, the girl made a strong impression, making the audience remember even more than the main characters.

With natural acting ability, Kim Shi Ah is highly appreciated by Korean experts and is likened to a raw gem that will surely shine strongly in the future. In the past, Shi Ah also had great success in the movie Miss Baek where she played a girl abused by her parents. This debut role even helped Kim Shi Ah receive the Best Actress award at the Egyptian Film Festival (SAFF). In 2022, Shi Ah is expected to return to the big screen with the movie Bigwang, starring alongside veteran actor and actress Ryu Seung Ryong and Ha Ji Won.

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