High expectations have been raised for Aespa’s comeback after “Next Level”

It is confirmed that Aespa is coming back with new music products next month.

Aespa will make a comeback with their first mini-album “Savage” on October 5. This is the very first physical album to be released since their debut in November last year. In addition, this is also the first new album in nearly 5 months since their latest single, “Next Level”. Therefore, it seems that expectations for Aespa are getting higher than ever.

Released in May, “Next Level” has been at the top of Korean music charts so far and is considered one of the best hits of this year. Immediately after its release, the song beat BTS’s “Butter” on Melon 24Hits Chart and dominated the No.1 spot. Moreover, it also ranked high on 3 U.S Billboard charts (Global 200, Global Chart excluding the U.S, and World Digital Song Sales Chart) and on several other global music charts, including QQ Music, Kuwo Music, and Kogou Music in China. The MV of this song also set a record after it surpassed 100 million views in 32 days after its release.

Not only performing well on digital charts, but the song also made headlines for its catchy music, choreography, and addictive lyrics. A lot of cover videos were posted all over the social media sites such as Tiktok and Youtube, boosting Aespa’s popularity up to a whole new level.

Aespa’s popularity is also proven by other indicators. Aespa ranked No.1 on the chart of girl groups’ brand reputation released by the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation in June and July. It is said that they beat even charted higher than BLACKPINK and Brave Girls. Thanks to this, the girl group has been selected as a model of various commercial advertisements for games, beauty, clothing, finance, and even telecommunications products. Therefore, Aespa rapidly emerged as a blue-chip in the advertising industry.

aespa savage

The success of “Next Level” helps Aespa to become one of the most popular girl groups at the moment. They are known not as a “rookie group” or a “4th generation girl group”, but as a new trend themselves and received enthusiastic love from fans regardless of generation.

After “Next Level” made a big hit, it is reported that the company is concerning more for their next plan. This is because they have to bring out a new song that could surpass the popularity of “Next Level”. As a result, they have come up with the new album “Savage”, which features a total of 6 songs of various genres, including the title song with the same name as the album. Currently, music fans are paying attention to what new music Aespa will perform while the heat of “Next Level” has not cooled down yet.

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