Korean movie theaters provide “The Little Mermaid” photo zone without images of the main character?

Cinemas in Korea set up photo zones for Disney’s film “The Little Mermaid” without the pictures of the main character.

Disney’s live-action musical film “The Little Mermaid”, which has been embroiled in various controversies even before its release, premiered on May 24th.

When the casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel was announced, many viewers already raised concerns about a miscasting.


Were the theaters aware of this controversy? At the photo zone for “The Little Mermaid” in CGV Yeongdeungpo, there is no image of Halle Bailey, who plays the main character Ariel.

Instead of using two-shot posters of the main characters Ariel and Prince Eric, they decorated the photo zone with photos of marine creatures, such as the crab Sebastian and the seagull Scuttle.

Many viewers were surprised to see the photo zone without the main character, but they still smiled brightly and took many commemorative pictures.

According to an article posted on a movie community on June 1st, Ariel in the animated version even appeared in the photo zone instead of the lead actress in the movie.

The photo zone is full of large posters of Sebastian and Scuttle as well as balloons of the original red-haired Ariel in the cartoon.


In response, netizens poured criticism, saying “Putting up photos of the original character but not the main actress Halle Bailey? They really crossed the line”, “This is not the right thing to do”, etc.

Meanwhile, the box office performance of “The Little Mermaid”, which was considered the most anticipated Disney’s film in 2023, is weaker than expected.

It is falling behind “The Roundup: No Way Out”, which premiered on May 31st, as well as previously released “Fast and Furious: Ride or Die” and “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3”.

Ranking 4th in the box-office chart, “The Little Mermaid” recorded 480,000 viewers as of June 1st, but is already losing its heat in the fierce competition with prominent movies.

Source: Nate

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