aespa Karina’s Instagram account mysteriously disappeared?

Fans suddenly receive the notification of “User not found” when searching for the Instagram account of aespa Karina.

On June 2nd, fans of aespa Karina suddenly discovered that the Instagram account of aespa Karina had suddenly vanished from the platform. 

In particular, when accessing Karina’s Instagram handle, @katarinabluu, fans would receive the notification of “User not found”.


As a result, a lot of fans have been expressing their confusion and showing concerns, while anxiously waiting for an official statement. 

However, many netizens explained that it’s possible that the account is simply locked for blue check verification, citing that the same thing also happened to Red Velvet Seulgi’s Instagram in the past. 

Meanwhile, aespa Karina, along with fellow members Winter, Giselle, and Ningning, officially opened their personal Instagram accounts on May 22nd. 

Source: VKR

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