G-Dragon and Jennie’s romantic relationship is still proceeding

These two top idols’ relationship is now the center of the public’s attention.

Until now, the relationship of G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong, 33 years old), a member of the top idol group Big Bang, and his same company’s junior, Jennie (Kim Jennie, 25 years old), a member of BLACKPINK, seems to have no problems. Even though there would be no official announcement from both of them and the company, since the rumor of their romantic relationship broke out, many people have seen them meeting each other several times.

Jennie and GD dating

The news about G-Dragon and Jennie’s romantic relationship first broke out on February 24. On the same day, in relation to the rumor, their company, YG Entertainment, announced officially, “It is difficult for the company to confirm the artist’s personal statement. We hope for your understanding.”

G-Dragon, a member of the top boy group Big Bang, is known as the most influential singer, songwriter, influencer, and fashionista of KPOP. Since his activities with Big Bang, he has gained a big fandom and released numerous hit songs as a soloist. Until now, he has been using Instagram to share about his daily life. Jennie, who used to study abroad in New York, is a member of one of the best KPOP girl groups worldwide, BLACKPINK. Even after debuting with BLACKPINK, Jennie’s charisma stood out through her solo activities, becoming a hot KPOP artist.

Jennie and GD dating
Jennie and GD dating

At the time the rumor broke out, G-Dragon and Jennie were reported to have been dating for a year. It was said that YG officials and Jennie’s mother also knew about their relationship, and the couple had introduced each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. However, those were just rumors, and nothing has been made official yet. Before, G-Dragon only denied when the rumors about his dating were wrong. For instance, he didn’t deny or admit the rumors of his romantic relationship with Japanese model – Komatsu Nana, Mazuhara Kiko of After School’s Lee Ju Yeon.

Sharing about his idea of a romantic relationship, G-Dragon once said:

“I will think a lot about the relationship. While dating, I will pour a lot of my feelings into that relationship. Although the matter of dating and breaking up is something private, looking from her perspective, the woman who is dating me would be hurt because I’m a celebrity. If the woman I’m dating wanted to publicize our relationship, I would have made an official announcement. I think the public has a right to know but never have my woman thought of that. Moreover, I’m the kind of person who usually appears in crowded places, but I don’t care much about what other people think of me. Therefore, many photos have also been taken.”

According to a report from Star News, G-Dragon recently visited a photo shooting place where Jennie was doing her solo activity as a model. Although they didn’t make any official statement about their relationship, it seems like G-Dragon has been continuously showing his affection towards Jennie.

Since the rumor about their relationship broke out, netizens have been paying more attention to their activities.

Jennie starred in the MV of G-Dragon’s solo song “That XX” in 2012 and featured in G-Dragon’s solo song “BLACK” in 2013. At that time, Jennie was still a trainee before she debuted as a BLACKPINK member. In 2016, after G-Dragon’s SNS account was hacked, a photo of G-Dragon and Jennie eating out together was revealed.

Jennie and GD dating

The letter “J” on G-Dragon’s bracelet reminded everyone of Jennie. Jennie also wears lots of accessories from the brand Peace Minus One, a brand launched by G-Dragon. Kwon Da Mi, G-Dragon’s sister, followed only one BLACKPINK member on Instagram, and that was Jennie. In addition, the fact that they appeared as the main characters for the shooting or just acquaintances could be the basis for their later romantic relationship.

The two also posted photos of them being ambassadors for the luxury brand, Chanel, on their Instagram at the same time. G-Dragon is known for being the ambassador of Channel House since 2016, and Jennie also started her contract with Channel in 2019.


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