Former Uzurocks CEO “I sincerely apologize to Song Ji Hyo…I will not avoid my responsibilities”

Former Uzurocks Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Uzurocks) CEO Park Joo Nam expressed his position after a long silence.

Former CEO Park has been embroiled in various controversies, including non-payment of settlement money for actress Song Ji Hyo, delay in payment of employees’ wages and embezzlement, but has not responded so far.

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On May 26th, former CEO Park Joo Nam, who had been silent, conveyed his position to TV Report.

Former CEO Park said, “First of all, I sincerely apologize for causing concern to Song Ji Hyo, our artists, employees and affiliates who worked together for the company.”

He continued, “Currently, we are doing our best to resolve the unsettled parts. As already reported by the media, we are closely wrapping up negotiations on investment with a Swiss investment company. We are seeking all ways to raise funds besides equity investments.”

Former CEO Park added, “I will not avoid my responsibilities as former CEO, and I will definitely resolve the problems. Once again, I sincerely apologize to everyone involved in this incident.

Former CEO Park resigned from Uzurocks on April 26th, saying that he would take responsibility for the controversies over unpaid settlements and delay in payment of wages. He also resigned from his representative position at all affiliates related to Uzurocks as of May 22nd.

On May 24th, Song Ji Hyo filed a complaint against former CEO Park on charges of embezzlement.


According to Song Ji Hyo’s side, the embezzlement amount is estimated to be 1.2 billion won. Regarding the embezzlement charges, Song Ji Hyo’s representative stated, “During the contract period, it was appropriate for Song Ji Hyo to receive her advertising revenue through Uzurocks corporate account according to the normal procedures. However, Uzurocks claimed that their account was seized, making it difficult to use the money.

They added, “Even after then, they promised to provide the money through different means, but there were aspects that we couldn’t understand within the normal scope. We don’t understand where the advertising revenue went and they had to delay salary payments. This situation is difficult to comprehend unless the money has been withdrawn by someone or a third party.”

Source: Nate

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