aespa’s outfit style changed drastically after 10 months, finally leaving Kwangya?

After 10 months, aespa finally made their comeback, transforming from “Kwangya warriors” to “high-teen girls”.

On May 8th, a press conference commemorating the release of aespa’s third mini-album “MY WORLD” took place at the COEX Intercontinental Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul.


Here, aespa met their fans for the first time in about 10 months since their last mini-album “Girls” was released in July 2022. Ahead of the new song release, Karina said, “We have been preparing hard during the hiatus,” and expressed gratitude to the fans who waited for them.

At the event, aespa drew attention by trying out a new style, leaving behind their “Kwangya warrior” concept which they have been utilizing since debut.


Instead, the girl group donned tennis skirts, jumpers, and casual tops, reminiscent of cheerleader outfits, which match with the lively vibe of the new album.

Meanwhile, aespa’s title track, “Spicy”, is a dance song with a strong synth bass sound and dynamic beats, and the lyrics contain the free-spirited charm of aespa. It also boasts a different atmosphere compared to previous aespa releases.


Regarding the overall change in the song’s atmosphere, Giselle expressed her concern by saying, “It’s true that I had anxiety because I hadn’t tried it before“. However, aespa’s latest album has sold over 1.3 million copines within the first day of release, continuing its hot popularity.

Every summer, SM Entertainment has received fans’ love by releasing refreshing concept albums with Red Velvet, S.E.S, Girls’ Generation, and others. It remains to be seen whether aespa will also continue the lineage of SM idols’ refreshing concepts.

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