Park Bo Gum’s personality that makes everyone fall in love: Eye contact + hugging a disabled fan 

Park Bo Gum’s kindhearted personality never fails to impress. 

In the latest episode of Mnet’s entertainment show ‘TMI NEWS SHOW‘, which aired on July 13, the ranking of “guilty” celebrities who stole fans’ hearts was unveiled. 

Park Bo Gum ranked 6th place. MC Boom made an introduction, saying, “Park Bo Gum created a stir because of his personality in the past.

What he was referring to was the time when Park Bo Gum attended a fan signing event for a clothing brand in 2017. After the event, Park Bo Gum moved closer to the audience and drew attention for his warm gesture. He wanted to say hello to a disabled fan. 

Park Bo Gum greeted the fan’s guardian and made eye contact with the fan with a friendly expression. He even gave a small hug to her as a thank you for coming to see him. 

MC Lee Mi Joo was touched by Park Bo Gum’s heartwarming anecdote and applauded in admiration. She also made everyone laugh when she picked Park Bo Gum without hesitation when asked to choose between Park Bo Gum and Hanhae, whom she has a love line with. 

Source: daum

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