Fans are worried that Kim Se Jeong was too hasty to make a comeback with “Today’s Webtoon” 

Kim Se Jeong will return to the screen at the end of this July, after the “A Business Proposal” frenzy

After the “A Business Proposal” craze earlier this year, the main couple Kim Se JeongAhn Hyo Seop quickly received incredible attention and immediately received new projects. While Ahn Hyo Seop is still filming a new drama, his co-star – Kim Se Jeong is also busy with her comeback. Specifically, just over half a month left until Kim Se Jeong’s new drama named ‘Today’s Webtoon’ will be officially released. At the moment, a series of still cuts as well as teasers and behind-the-scenes videos have been revealed, allowing the audience to somewhat imagine Kim Se Jeong’s role.

Behind the scenes of Today’s Webtoon

Playing a former judo athlete and now a webtoon editor, Kim Se Jeong’s character has a cheerful personality and cute looks. This is the actress’s forte role, so the audience has high expectations for her upcoming performance. Moreover, her two co-stars, Choi Daniel and rookie Nam Yoon Soo, are both talented actors, so the audience fully trusts the acting skills of the main actors.

On the other hand, the original version of the drama was successful when it premiered in Japan, so viewers are sure that “Today’s Webtoon” will be so interesting. However, many people still expressed concern about this project. The reason is that Kim Se Jeong’s character in “Today’s Webtoon” has a cheerful, lovable personality, which is quite similar to Shin Hari in “A Business Proposal”. Meanwhile, while the audience was looking forward to a worthy breakthrough of Kim Se Jeong, she decided to take on the main role in “Today’s Webtoon” – which is a familiar type of role. Moreover, the production progress of this drama takes such a short time that the audience has not had time to forget the lovely image of Shin Hari in “A Business Proposal”. 

Besides, the projects in which Kim Se Jeong has participated in the last few years are all adapted from webtoons. Therefore, the public is concerned that she will not be able to try out many types of roles. 

Kim Se Jeong started off as an idol. She became more known after starting her acting career. In early 2022, after a long difficult time, Kim Se Jeong finally rose to fame thanks to “A Business Proposal”. Currently, Kim Se Jeong is a popular name. In addition to Today’s Webtoon, she is also confirmed to participate in “The Uncanny Counter 2” and is rumored to be the female lead in “Sweet and Sour Chicken”, starring Cha Eun Woo.

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