aespa Winter had to get an IV drip to perform, shows alarming health status?

Fans expressed concerns about Winter’s health condition, especially after spotting an IV drip mark. 

Kpop girl group aespa have been working tirelessly these recent days, with various schedules from overseas promotions to domestic music shows. As they just dropped their 2nd mini album “Girls”, the group is not taking a break any time soon, drawing concerns about their health conditions. 

Recently, a post on the Korean forum pann, titled “I feel bad for Winter, I think she’s not healthy, both physically and mentally”, started to draw attention, pointing out several signals about Winter’s health status. In particular, the post said: 

“A couple of days ago, Winter couldn’t attend a group event because she was sick. But since Aespa will only have 3 members if she didn’t show up, she tried to perform with an IV on her arm. 

Yesterday, she reassured fans that she felt better. However, SM ended up releasing an announcement that Winter wouldn’t be able to attend a fansign due to health issues. In the end, Winter had to apologize to fans for causing disappointment. 

Even worse, it seems that Winter has been sick since before the comeback. There was even footage that showed her putting on makeup to cover up her IV mark.

Immediately after the article was posted, many fans left comments below expressing concern about Winter’s health. Many people also feel frustrated with SM Entertainment’s way of working when they don’t take good care of their artists, and force a sick girl to personally apologize to fans.

Some comments from netizens about Winter’s health:

  • Having Intravenous injections but she didn’t show any sign of it, Winter is really cool.
  • It sounds so sad. Hope Winter gets well soon. SM never seems to care about the health of the artist.
  • Winter’s skeleton is already very small, look at her.
  • SM didn’t even announce Winter’s absence at the fansign, fans didn’t even realize it when they arrived because there were only 3 chairs. The company also forced a sick girl to apologize??
  • I don’t mean to attack artists but why worry about celebrities?  I’m really curious about it
  • So sad, Winter please get well soon!
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